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    Have you ever listened to the titans of Health Optimisation, Biohacking and Longevity and wondered “That’s all really great, but what if I’m a woman?”

    If so, welcome to
    “Biohacking Eve – Health Optimisation for Women!”

    My name is Judith Mueller and I’m here to help you navigate the maze of information by shining a light on true differentiation for women when it comes to health optimisation.

    Together, you will explore everything from how to fast intermittently without ruining your hormones all the way to abolishing menopause, and I will show you the latest in technology and research that can help you address your individual struggles and challenges in becoming your best self as a woman, as unique and individual as only you can be.

    Live long and prosper, my friend.


    Hi! I'm Judith Mueller.

    I am a venture capital investor in the longevity space and have been a devoted biohacker for the past 15 years. In addition, having been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 20, I a m currently building longevity clinics in the Middle East and am the co-founder and president of the Longevity Clinic Builder Network, a global agglomeration of fellow entrepreneurs and practitioners building longevity clinics between Singapore to San Francisco and Copenhagen to Cape Town, as well as the co-organiser of Longevity Week Berlin. In this capacity as a biohacker, investor and entrepreneur, I have tried pretty much every programme, technique and gadget out there (my very first piece of furniture was an infrared sauna!), only to find that there is a lot out there that is either of little use, hyped or both and that really bears no relation to a differentiated view when it comes to the biological, social, economic and other realities of women. This is what I’m here to change!

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